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Art’n’Voices is a remarkable ensemble, with flexible voices, wonderful musicianship, creative programming, and a real sense of how to communicate their love of ensemble singing to their audiences, specialist or otherwise!

Simon Carrington, The King’s Singers

Winners of the esteemed International ‘a capella’ Contest Leipzig, the Polish vocal ensemble Art’n’Voices aims to define the future of a cappella music by inspiring listeners of all generations with the highest quality sound. 


It consists of eight young vocalists associated with the musical stages of northern Poland, who are the rising stars of the Polish vocal scene. The group has built a vast repertory of contemporary pieces that feature intricate vocal arrangements tailored exclusively for them. They frequently explore alternative and improvised musical styles, nevertheless, the cornerstone of every Art’n’Voices performance is music composed by its members.

Art’n’Voices have received multiple awards at national and international competitions. Its achievements feature 10 Grand Prix prizes, including at the 11th International Choir Festival Mundus Cantat in Sopot (2015) and the National Contemporary Choral Music Festival Music Everywhere (Gdańsk 2014). The ensemble was also successful at prestigious competitions within the network of the European Grand Prix for Choral Singing: Polifonico Guido di Arezzo in Italy (2017) and Tolosako Abesbatza Lehiaketa in Spain (2019). Their latest triumph was winning the esteemed International ‘a cappella’ Contest Leipzig in May 2023.


In 2021, the Polish Phonographic Academy honored Art’n’Voices with the Frederic Award (also known as the Polish Grammy) for the album Midnight Stories in the category: Album of the Year – Contemporary Music. Art’n’Voices is the first a cappella octet to receive this distinction. This is the most prestigious award in the Polish Music Industry.


Art’n’Voices has performed in numerous esteemed concert halls including the Philharmonics of Gdańsk, Kashubia, Kielce, Gewandhaus Leipzig, Teatro Petrarca, Théâtre Michel Portal Bayonne, and many more. They have also collaborated with world-class artists such as Leszek Możdżer and some of the best orchestras in Poland.


Midnight Stories (2020)


Winner of the Frederic Award (Poland). Featuring 12 tracks inspired by the theme of the night, created exclusively for Art’n’Voices by young Polish composers.

Way of the Cross (2013)

Album with sacred music featuring compositions by Anna Rocławska-Musiałczyk, and Lenten reflections by Father Przemysław Lewiński, performed by actor Jerzy Kiszkis.

Sample programmes

Whispers from Within

Anna Rocławska-Musiałczyk:

  • Destructivity

  • Bliss

  • Isolation

  • Excitement

  • Paranoia

Marek Raczyński:

  • Fear

  • Triumph

  • Tenderness

  • Jealousy​


  • Joy

Spirit of Poland

Michał Malec - Ballada (A ballad)

Szymon Godziemba -Trytek- The Ackermann Steppe

Jakub Szafrański - I dreamt a dream

Feliks Nowowiejski- Dumka Ułana (Elegy of an Ulan)

Jan Krenz - Smutna (TheSorrowful)

Małgorzata Priebe - Uwoz, mamo, roz (Tell me, Mother)

Anna Rocławska-Musiałczyk - Nigle sà zerwie strzébrzny sznur (Before the silver cord is broken)

Józef Świder- Laudate Pueri Dominum

Paweł Łukaszewski - Tenebrae Factae Sunt

Paweł Łukaszewski - Recessit Pastor Noster

Anna Rocławska-Musiałczyk - Bibi Synkù, Bi (Sleep, my Son)

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