About us

PLMF Arts Management is a perfect partner for anyone or any organisation interested in

arts management on an international level, needing guidance, connections and fundrising

or looking for international collaboration or touring possibilities. 

Partnership Management

In 2021, PLMF Arts Management continues to stear the NordicBaltic Festival Platform, which is a network for arts and culture festivals in the Nordic-Baltic area. It aims to foster cultural cooperation in the region, raise the capacity of festivals therein, and explore the Nordic-Baltic identity in and through the arts. 

In February 2018, PLMF Arts Management co-hosted 15 umbrella organisations which work in the cultural sector for the inaugural International Arts Associations Congress (IAAC). The meeting in Perth Australia was called to explore commonalities and opportunities for collaboration between the participant associations and to build value for the individual members by sharing best practice and innovation in association benefits.

We have also provided administrative services for the IMMF (International Music Managers Forum). IMMF is an umbrella organisation for a collaborative network of regional and national membership associations (often called MMF) of self-managed artists and managers. With member associations in over 50 countries, networking over 3,000 individual artists and their managers, IMMF connects artists and managers globally to share experiences, opportunities, information and resources. 


Recently we started developing the MMF Estonia network. If you're interested get in touch via email at info[at]artsplmf.com and follow our activities on Facebook

Consultancy & Project Management

PLMF Arts Management acts as the EFFE (Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe) Hub for Estonia. Among the primary EFFE initiatives is to give out biannual quality labels and awards. The latter are given to festivals in Europe with 1) an artistic commitment and innovative approaches, 2) involvement in/of their local communities, and 3) European or international engagement. Experts from all over Europe assess the applications and decide whether they meet the three criteria.

Currently we are also coordinating a series of educational and cultural events (conferences, seminars, lectures, concerts etc.) for the Kadaka Conference Center in Tallinn.

Additionally, we consulted the partners of the 2-year Creative Europe international collaboration project "The Bridge" (2018-2022) in the proposal preparation phase, and offers management services to the Estonian partner PLMF Music Trust. "The Bridge" is a new European network of string ensembles, and a three-day festival which will take place in April 2022 in Glasgow (UK), celebrating music for strings. The Scottish Ensemble (UK) is the Coordinator of the EU project, the other partners include Ensemble Resonanz (DE), Trondheim Soloists (NO) and the PLMF Music Trust.


Artist Management & Touring

In parallel, PLMF Arts Management continues working on the development of the careers of a few selected artists/ensembles and booking tours for various clients, among them Vox Clamantis and the Royal Northern Sinfonia.

From 2013-2016 PLMF Arts Management worked alongside the PLMF Music Trust, which was inaugurated in 2003 by the well known Estonian soprano Pille Lill. The aim of the Music Trust is to support the development of talented professional musicians by organising master classes, opportunities to perform, and by introducing them internationally. The Music Trust currently organises around 200 concerts annually in Estonia, including 4 music festivals.


Fundraising in all it's forms, be it corporate sponsorship, foundations or EU grants has been an important part of the services offered by PLMF Arts Management from it's establishment.


Since 2020, we are taking care of the KRATTfestival - an Estonian event dedicated to uniting young musicians. We have successfully lead fundraising for their 2nd festival and will continue to work towards growing and sustaining a working budget for them.


Past Projects

Over time PLMF Arts Management has organised a variety of projects: 


Provided administration services for the "International Music Managers Forum" (IMMF) - an umbrella organisation for a collaborative network of regional and national membership associations (often called MMF) of self-managed artists and managers. With member associations in over 50 countries, networking over 3,000 individual artists and their managers, IMMF connects artists and managers globally to share experiences, opportunities, information and resources.

Partnership with the European Union (EU) funded project MMAA = The Music Magazine and Artist App (MMAA) which is designed to develop new ways to create sustainable business models for: i) digital music services, ii) digital audience development platforms (i.e. music magazines, music venues), and iii) providers of artist services (i.e distributors of recordings including record labels, and promoters of live shows).

Fundraising for the "North Around the Baltic Sea" (NABS) to celebrate the 100th birthday of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Iceland. The tour were presenting top Nordic and Baltic musicians and 5 new commissions from the region in 8 countries.

Booking concerts for European Union Youth Orchestra in Liepāja (Latvia) and in Kaunas (Lithuania). The European Union Youth Orchestra were touring all the EU member states from 2016 to 2018 within the framework of the project  "Capital Sounds", which was dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the founding of the orchestra.

Hosting the Orchestra of the Americas in Estonia which was led by top conductors of the world Carlos Miguel Prieto (Mexico) and Benjamin Zander (UK/USA). One of the most famous cellists of the world Gautier Capuçon and also an acknowledged violinist Alexandra Soumm from France were soloists in front of the orchestra. PLMF organized a two week residency for YOA in Tallinn and held a total of 6 concerts in Tallinn, Tartu and Rapla County in 2016. Also a tour was organized in the Baltics and Poland. Many Estonian young and top musicians took part of the cooperation project. Additionally in the summer of 2019 booking the orchestra to play in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Co-organising a presenting concert and contact event for over 50 classical music key people who took part of IAMA’s (International Artist Managers’ Association) yearly conference which took place in Helsinki in 2015. Four years of experience gained from organizing discussion panels during Tallinn Music Week about presenting classical artists and classical music in general paved the way for this event.

Leading international relations for Camerata Nordica, Sweden's leading chamber orchestra for three years. This included managing a project called Emerging classical talent in the EU in the context of the European culture program. In cooperation with partners from Sweden, Italy and Great Britain three grandiose concerts were prepared and presented in all aforementioned countries. Four musicians were included in the project from Estonia – soprano Pille Lill, cellist Andreas Lend, flutist Oksana Sinkova and saxophonist Virgo Veldi. From Estonian composers the program included a piece called “Prayer” by Galina Grigorjeva for saxophone and string orchestra. The project took place in 2013/2014. Since the year 2014 was announced as the Year of the Brain in Europe then the projects goal in addition to the international cooperation of musicians and composers was to direct attention to the positive effect of classical music to the human brain.